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>Paolo Zilli

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Paolo Zilli

<p>Paolo joined us to work on the Salerno Ferry Terminal project in 2002 and subsequently was involved in a number of our projects including the High Speed Train Station in Naples and the MAXXI, Museum of XXI Century Arts. He was made an Associate in 2012 and Senior Associate in 2015. </p> <p>During his time at ZHA, Paolo has participated in several projects, including the D’Leedon residential towers in Singapore; and Esfera Monterrey, a mixed-use development in Monterrey, Mexico. He is currently the Project Architect for the City Life project in Milan, a mixed-use development including an office tower, a retail gallery and a residential complex. He is also one of the project’s Revit leaders, using the program on the Milan project since 2007 to enhance building accuracy and quality control during the design and construction process. In addition to leading projects, Paolo draws on his rich experience applying software to the design and modelling of buildings, frequently acting as an expert adviser on BIM, design integration and coordination in project delivery.</p>