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>Salvatore Leggiero

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Salvatore Leggiero

<p>Leggiero is a first-generation entrepreneur. His creativity and mentality as startupper have allowed him over the past 20 years to successfully establish and sell more companies in different industries, thus creating the financial basis for investing in real estate. </p> <p>His obsession are the historic buildings, which are often empty and that he tries to buy to give them a new light and a new function, adapting them to modern living. Salvatore believes that Italy, already famous for being the country where there are the most beautiful things in the world, is also the country where there are the most beautiful buildings on the planet.</p> <p>So, renewed and transformed into offices, shops or hotels, these properties will be income generators for their owners and for the surrounding community, for many years.</p> <p>Salvatore Leggiero was born in Naples, grew up in Florence and lives between Milan and London.</p>