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>Sijibomi Ogundele

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Sijibomi Ogundele

<p>Fondly called ‘Suji’,Olasijibomi Ogundele, is a textbook definition of the ‘grass to grace’ success story.</p> <p>This young man evolved from a barely average social standing through hard work and perseverance, to emerge as an achiever in the Nigerian society. With a unique blend of entrepreneurship drive and a legal background, this former venture capitalist cum-investment strategist has established himself as astute businessman and an outstanding individual amongst his peers. Making a bold move to relocate to Africa and discovering the lacunae in Nigeria’s luxury real estate industry, prompted Sijibomi’s passion to deliver classic properties across Lagos, through The Sujimoto Group.</p> <p>Sijibomi has been described in Forbes Africa as a brave, young entrepreneur, set to revolutionize the luxury real estate market in Nigeria. Setting standards of excellence and simultaneously expanding his interests in construction, infrastructure, and entertainment, feats achieved by Sijibomi have positioned him as a man to watch out for as far as the revolution of Nigeria’s prime real estate is concerned. Sijibomi has transacted over N45billion Naira in real estate over his career. His foresight, resilience and ingenuity in project execution is evident in Sujimoto Construction Limited’s strategy of aiming for the best, through the delivery of premium housing units in Nigeria that can compete with its counterparts globally. His recent encounter with the Ruler of Dubai has propelled his goals and dreams to new heights.</p>