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>Wael Sheta

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Wael Sheta

<p>Professor Wael Sheta is the Executive Director of Arkan Consultants and Associate Professor in sustainable environmental design. Before joining Arkan Consultants team, Professor Sheta have been involved in both professional and academic life in Egypt and United Kingdom. His interests focus on the sustainable and environmental performance of buildings, including issues such as low passive energy design and environmental technology, renewable energy, sustainable architecture, thermal comfort for occupants and environmental building performance assessment. Professor Sheta hold a PhD degree in Architecture from Sheffield University, United Kingdom, and has been involved in different capacities that contributed effectively to the architectural firms, organizations, associations, and universities with which he was associated. His work in the environmental building performance and renewable energy contributes to current growing concern over the environment and the necessity to develop, for future generations, more sustainable communities that have a reduced impact particularly in developing nations.</p>