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>Wiam Samir

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Wiam Samir

<p> As President of the World Green Building Council-affiliated Morocco Green Building Council, Wiam nurtures her passion by promoting and strengthening sustainable building knowledge and practices in Morocco. Following a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management from Al Akhawayn University and a specialty in Environmental Management and Natural Resources followed at University of Washington, Wiam SAMIR has taken a great interest in promoting the construction sustainable. Today, she is pursuing a master degree in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment at the University of Cambridge. In parallel, thanks to her numerous professional accreditations in the field (HQE referent, LEED AP, EDGE Auditor, Net Zero. .) Wiam accompanies every day the institutional and professional engaged in the environmental and energy performance. After working on behalf of Bymaro for two years on the Casa Finance City Tower project, Wiam joined Alto Eko, a subsidiary of Alto Ingénierie, as a project manager, driving several operations (offices, towers, hotels). luxury, housing ...) at the highest levels of environmental certification.</p>